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The Church: Our Dual Citizenship

The Church: Our Dual Citizenship

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We are the Body of Christ!

To all that have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, you have been given a unique status in the Kingdom of God. This status comes with privileges and the legal right to access the powers of the age to come. This status also entails a relationship upgrade with God. This upgrade is evidenced by the way we are confirmed throughout his word. We are declared to be:

His Holy nation, His royal priesthood, the children of God, Sons and daughters, citizens, and ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

In Php. 3:20, there is an important verse that identifies who we are in the sight of God, how we are to function in the kingdom of God and in American society.

Philippians 3:20

20 For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

I want to call your attention to the word conversation. In this verse, it is the Greek word “polit-yoo-mah”. This Greek word conveys a dual thought. The first thought conveyed is with the word polit, it comes from the Greek root word pol-ee-tace. This is where we get our English words police and most importantly politics.

This is very important to note if we are going to get a clear picture of how God sees us, who we are in Christ and how we ae to function in the earth.

The second thought conveyed from this word is, a citizenry, a community, the constitution of a commonwealth, the form of government and the laws by which the commonwealth abides, and the administration of civil affairs.

This insight to the dual meaning of this Greek word is monumental to our understanding of this scripture. At first glance one might think it is speaking of the things we talk about in general communication or the general dialog we have is taking place in heaven as well as on earth. But now we see that Holy Spirit is revealing so much more.

There are several things to amplify from the meaning of this word, but for the sake of this article I will only amplify three concepts:

  1. Citizenship
  2. Community
  3. Commonwealth


The word citizenship represents the status of a citizen along with the citizens’ rights and duties toward its nation and government. We are citizens of the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom, is God’s Governmental system for his nation. An important aspect of being a prosperous nation is the allegiance of the citizenry. The citizens of a nation must pledge their allegiance to the constitutional guidelines of the nation to maintain true citizenship. This unwavering commitment is crucial to the advancement, survival and sustenance of a nation and its commonwealth. It is the duty of the citizens to pledge their allegiance to the nation for which it abides.


Community means the assembling of individual families having common interests and are therefore willing to interact freely to achieve the common goals of the families within the community. The Body of Christ is obligated to work together to make happen the common interest of God in their location.


A commonwealth is a governing system that invests supreme power in the people of the nation. This people have the power to elect and appoint representatives to hold a seat of governance which uphold the constitutional values and laws. The aim of this political communal system is to preserve the common good, safety, wealth, and prosperity for every citizen of the nation.

In this four tape series you will hear more regarding the glorious Kingdom of God and your status in this Kingdom. You will know and understand your rights and privileges as a kingdom citizen better than ever.

I guarantee you it will cause your faith to increase in your standing with God and lead you  to live in perfect harmony with God.

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