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Holy Spirit: The Curse Breaker

Holy Spirit: The Curse Breaker

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Holy Spirit is the CURSE BREAKER!

In this five (5) part series you will discover:

  • how and why Holy Spirit has been restored into the earth.
  • His desire to minister the love of God unto us until the abundant life is fully manifested in our life.

Stand up and be blessed

Holy Spirit doesn't want there to be any trace of the curse in the daily activity. If you are a child of the Living God you have a legal right to live an abundantly blessed life. The challenge to the child of God is standing up for your right to be a blessed and prosperous believer.

Learn the Legalities of your faith life

Once you learn to stand on the legalities of your faith you will live in the goodness of our so great salvation. Jesus legally broke the curse, Holy Spirit is with us to practically guide us into life more abundantly. Here is a snippet from this power 5 part series:


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