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The Fruit of Holy Spirit

The Fruit of Holy Spirit

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The Fruit of Holy Spirit

When we look at God’s redemptive plan and the desired outcomes, we find that the fulfillment of our corporate and individual destinies is the ultimate end . The most important person in the Earth today for reaching the aim of God’s Redemptive plan is Holy Spirit.

In the beginning, Holy spirit was in the Earth to be sure that man would have the connection with heaven they needed to bring Heaven and its culture to Earth. But man’s choice of fruit interrupted that plan. The greatest tragedy of man’s choice was the loss of their ability to have intimate communication with Holy Spirit. Their banishment from the garden of Eden was the end of that intimate connection between man and Holy Spirit. What man lost in his fall was Holy Spirit.  Without Holy Spirit they could not become the man that God intended them to be both in image (nature and character) and likeness (power and performance) 

Holy Spirit Restored

But GLORY BE TO GOD for his redemptive work, because of this beautiful redemptive plan Holy spirit was restored to the Earth and the heart of mankind.

Holy Spirit Revealed

The Fruit of Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22 is the expression of the person of Holy Spirit. These are the essential characteristics necessary for the quality of our life. Too often we amplify the gifts giveng by Holy Spirit. allow me to say, it is not the gifting that causes the yoke to be destroyed, it is the Anointing. His anointing is embodied in the fruit and branches of Holy Spirit we read in Galatians 3:22-23.

I say this humbly and to the glory of God, this (9) nine message series will be the most comprehensive massages on the 9 fruit of the Spirit that you have ever heard. You can get instant access to the audio series to get the full revelation of the fruit of Holy Spirit.  I guarantee you will be enriched.

Check out this brief video for a preview of what you will be hearing.



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