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The Spirit of Faith

The Spirit of Faith

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😱 Wow! 9 out of 10 believer have never heard a message on the spirit of faith. Consequently, to their detriment they don’t understand how to operate in the spirit of faith. ⁣

✅ The million dollar question is are you one of those 9? ⁣

👍🏽 If so, you need to get this series!⁣ You will be empowered to:

  • develop the ear to hear
  • actively believe what you hear from the voice of the King
  • have confidence in the power of YOUR spoken word
  • experience the promises of your great salvation

The spirit of faith is the key to unlocking the power of the kingdom of God and fulfilling your personal purpose.

Purchase! Listen! Learn! and Live Life Abundantly! 

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